‘Taka 4 lakhs was stolen from the businessman by sprinkling dirt’

According to Shamsul Alam, around 2 pm, he withdrew Tk 9 lakh from a private bank in Chhota Bazar area and deposited Tk 5 lakh in another bank. He was going to deposit the remaining four lakhs in another bank.

“As soon as I went to Atharbari intersection in the city, a stranger came from behind and said – Your Punjabi is dirty. Seeing the dirt, the gang members ran away with the bag of money while cleaning it. I will file a complaint with the police later.”

OC Shah Kamal Akand said, I have received a written complaint. Some CCTV footage of the area is being collected and viewed.

The police officer also said that the police have reached the ground to catch the gang members.

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