4 conditions for Nora Fatehi to come to Bangladesh

After that, a legal notice was sent to Nora Fatehi on October 9 by the Mirror Group. As a result of the conflict between the two institutions, the ministry refused to allow Nora to come to Dhaka.

After that, in a joint press conference on October 16, Mirror Group and Women’s Leadership Corporation said that Nora Fatehi is coming to Dhaka for only 40 minutes. He will attend the ‘Global Achiever Award-2022’ event on November 18.

The organizers said that Nora will dance for 40 minutes at a convention center in Dhaka at night. During this period he will change clothes three times. Apart from this, he will also distribute prizes.

However, in a letter from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting on Tuesday, only permission has been given to participate in the shooting of documentaries. As a result, it remains uncertain whether the audience of Dhaka will be able to see Nora’s dance in this journey.

Some of the organizers called several times on their mobiles to talk about it, but they did not pick up the phone.

Nora, of Moroccan descent, was born and raised in Canada. Nora made her Bollywood debut five years ago. From a dancer, she rose to fame as an ‘item girl’ in Bollywood movies.

Nora Fatehi has spread light by participating in the official theme song of FIFA Football World Cup 2022 ‘Light the Sky’. This artist representing India sang and danced the song in Hindi.

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