The Prime Minister’s ban on taking up the ‘Ayeshi-Mega’ project

The Planning Minister said, “The Prime Minister said, ‘Mega projects cannot be done, but there can be no compromise on small, rural projects or welfare-oriented projects’. Referring to the global economic crisis, the Prime Minister said, ‘Global turmoil, we want to be sustainable’.”

Amid the pandemic, the Ukraine war has destabilized the global economy, with Bangladesh suffering as well. In the meantime, there is pressure on the reserves, due to which the government has to rush in imports, which again affects various sectors.

Besides reducing wastage, the Prime Minister has also advised to try to increase their own resources, said the Planning Minister.

Mannan said the chief minister also said to avoid luxury goods, whether in office or residence.

In the meeting, the Prime Minister laid more emphasis on agriculture, he said, “We have to be self-reliant. If for some reason beyond our control the world collapses, then we can eat and live at home. We will also support big industries like rice, pulses, vegetables, fish, chicken or poultry.”

The minister said that the prime minister has ordered not to leave even an inch of land uncultivated to increase production.

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