Grid disaster blamed on PGCB’s ‘management’, system on Sunday: Minister of State for Power

He claimed that if the transmission line had not been damaged due to the disaster of that day, there would not have been any problem of electricity load shedding at present.

Explaining why the 700 MW power is not being brought from the Western Block, he said, “It is due to manfault in Ghorashal grid substation or I think human fault. We sat at the National Load Disbursement Center on this today as well.

“The blackout we had was because of the failure of PGCB in its management. Demand was more than production that day. They were told by Desco that you should cut down. Otherwise you will be hindered. The frequency will go higher and crash. It happened in reality. They didn’t hear it. They continued, eventually blacking out.”

Stating that the officials of the electricity transmission company PGCB are responsible for this incident, the state minister said, “Because of this, we have identified many people who did not try to listen to the words. We will sack them. I will take action by next Sunday. It was not a technical fault. It was the management’s fault.”

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