Child labor in Dhaka University: When will this ‘darkness’ end?

Another canteen boy said he was admitted in class six. But the family could not afford his education.

“Seeing the condition of the family, I did not like to study anymore. So I was forced to work in the canteen.”

Martyr Sergeant Jahurul Haque Hall canteen director Jahangir Hossain said that the reason for most of the children coming is the poverty of the family.

He said, we did not want to take them. They are from our area. I brought them here after seeing the family distress.

“It is difficult for them to survive after eating at home. Here they are able to live on good and bad food, and get some wages, which they can send to their families.”

On the question of being deprived of education, Jahangir said, if the stomach is saved, it is study.

Earlier, various organizations of university students used to arrange education for canteen boys and take classes. But after the covid pandemic, no one is taking it anymore. The manager of the canteen said that they can study for a few hours during the canteen work if they want.

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