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Chordify is an application that contains thousands of songs in the library. Depending on your needs and music level, you can choose to play any of your favorite songs and then get the entire chords of that song for easy practice. You will be so excited and improve your music skill so quickly. 

Introduce about Chordify

Chord maker tool to support the process of learning and practicing music

What is Chordify?

Chordify is an application that supports playing some popular musical instruments such as piano, guitar, or ukulele. With a little practice with the help of Chordify, you will be able to play the music you want. Chordify will help you shorten the learning process by automatically recognizing the chords and audio cues of a song, then syncing them to your song. In short, Chordify helps play music, create chords to support you with musical instrument learning.

Repeatedly practicing old songs in theory books or classical hand exercises sometimes cannot make the player more interested. But the short, modern, popular, and famous songs can create excitement when practicing. After practicing so hard, you can get some specific achievements and can quickly show the results of their piano lessons to friends and relatives. That feeling of achievement or just enjoying a familiar song melody is also comforting happiness.

Unfortunately, one of the difficulties for beginners is that they cannot always find the chords for their favorite songs, so they may find it hard to practice. You can find it from many sources, from books, the internet… but most of them are not fully updated with the latest songs. If there was an app to help create chords for all your favorite songs, the process of learning an instrument would be much more fun.

Learn guitar with chord maker

Playing an instrument, you’ll start with the notes followed by chords from basic to complex. Every song, every melody begins with a combination of chords.

In the process of learning and practicing music, many times you need to find the chord sequence of a song or an interesting piece of music. Not everyone has the time and patience to do this on their own. So a tool that tells you the chord combination of any tune will save you a lot of work.

Chordify is considered a powerful application in creating chords from the tunes of each user’s favorite songs. The app is easy to use, simple to operate. Anyone who is new to music or has mastered music theory can use it.

New inspiration for learning piano lessons

Not only does it make it easier for new players to access their favorite songs quickly, but finding chords quickly also helps those who master the instrument have more inspiration when playing. 

Chordify currently supports creating accurate song chords for three types of instruments: guitar, piano, and ukulele. You can also easily search through more than 22 million song chord catalogs available in the app’s library, so you can find unique chords and learn how to master them.

When you open the app to select your favorite song and then get the chord sequence you need, you can also open an animation mode for all the respective instruments to see how to play with the right chord. Then from there, it will be easier and faster to master it!

Huge music library and every song has a complete chord diagram

Using Chordify, you can play any genre of music you want, from the country, rock, blues, jazz, or metal, to special theme songs like Christmas, New Year, Valentines, etc. Chordify has thousands of tracks of all styles waiting to be discovered.

In addition to playing music and creating chords, Chordify also helps you do a variety of tasks in the process of learning and practicing musical instruments:

  • Support switch chords if you want to play on a different key
  • Support to try capo and play songs that already have chords in a different tone
  • Slow down the song in the animations to ensure you can follow along easily, even when you’re new to the instrument
  • Make chord styles that are more varied and difficult (but definitely better) with the pros
  • Support print out the songs with detailed chords already available in PDF format to take with you wherever you go.

MOD APK version of Chordify

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

Download Chordify APK & MOD for Android

No matter what music genre or style you’re looking for, you’ll find what you need in Chordify. This music player and chord maker application will make your music learning path smoother than ever.

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