Trawler of hilsa protection campaign caught fire in Barisal

In Barisal’s Babuganj upazila, a trawler for hilsa conservation was allegedly set on fire; With which the local administration went on a hilsa protection campaign.

The owner of the trawler said that the incident happened in Babuganj Kheyaghat area of ​​Sandhya River at around 8 o’clock on Thursday night. Anwar Hossain’s complaint.

Babuganj Upazila Executive Officer (UNO) Nusrat Fatima along with some officials of upazila administration went on the raid with the trawler.

The owner of the trawler alleged that the trawler was set on fire after disobeying the order and dumping it in the wharf.

UNO’s mobile phone was called at night to inquire about this, but it was found switched off.

However, in a video during the arson, UNO Nusrat is heard saying, “No one should try to contact me about this. It is a matter of traveling courts; Signs are being destroyed.”

Babuganj Police Station OC Md. Mahbubur Rahman told, “Upazila fisheries officer and upazila chairman can say it well; i wasn’t I can speak what I hear. A trawler is on fire; is burnt So far no one has filed any complaint in this regard.”

Abdul Malek, station officer in charge of Babuganj Upazila Fire Service, told, “We went to the spot at 9:55 and extinguished the fire after receiving the news.”

He could not immediately tell the cause of the fire and the amount of damage.

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