Where is the danger of the combination of militants and mountain groups

Although it is not new for militants to build hideouts in the hilly areas, their association with any hilly organization is new; And the observers fear that it may cause great danger.

They say that such an incident will threaten not only national but also regional security. So the government needs to be careful now.

Recently, RAB reported the formation of a new Islamic militant group in the country, which is called ‘Jamatul Ansar Fil Hindal Sharqiya’.

This group was found while searching for some missing youths. RAB also reported that the team members were undergoing training in the hilly district of Bandarban.

Khandaker Al Moin, the spokesman of the force, said in a press conference that the breakaway members of old militant groups including JMB, Huzi formed this group, and they are supported by two hill separatist organizations.

At one time, the media came to the news of the militant organization’s hideout in Huzi Hills. One of the purposes of forming this group of Afghan returnees was to participate in the fight on the side of the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.

In the 1990s, Huzi’s relationship with two Rohingya organizations, the Rohingya Solidarity Organization (RSO) and the Arakan Rohingya National Organization (ARNO), also came into discussion.

According to the South Asia Terrorism Portal, which stores data on extremism, a large quantity of weapons were recovered from the forest of Naikshyongchari in Bandarban on 26 and 27 August 2003 in a joint operation by police, BDR, army.

According to their 2005 assessment, JMB was quite active in Bandarban. They were trying to collect weapons from Rohingya rebels.

In spite of taking shelter in the mountains, there was no news of the collaboration of Muslim militants with any mountain organization.

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