Arranging kirtan in Gopalganj in violation of section 144, fear of conflict

In view of the request of Harimohan Baroi, the Ashram’s Sebayat, the court of Additional District Magistrate of Gopalganj on Tuesday issued section 144 on the organization of kirtan.

Harimohan Barai said, “15 years ago, I have been doing puja-archana by building a Sevashram named after my Guru Thakur Sudanandar at our ancestral place. Suddenly, Vinay Bairagi forcibly changed the signboard of this Sevashram and named it as Radha Gobind Jiur Mandir. He is claiming this service as his own.

“He forcibly organized kirtan here. I have issued section 144 through the court to ban this kirtan. Still, Vinay Bairagi continued to organize Kirtan in violation of Section 144. Now they are doing decoration work there.”

In this regard, Vinay Bairagi said, “The place that Harimohan Barai is claiming as their own is a vested property. We have built the Radhagavinda Jyur Temple on this entrusted property.”

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