Guardian Tales 2.52.0 APK Download for Android

Guardian Tales APK is a chibi-graphic puzzle adventure game with a unique storyline and mischievous gameplay. Believe me, it is sure to bring you many hours of fun.

Introduce about Guardian Tales

A fighting adventure game including fun puzzles with fresh chibi graphics!


Guardian Tales takes players into the chaotic world of Kanterbury. There are a lot of wars going on here between the invading army, the rebels in the country and your soldiers. To deal with this chaotic situation, only one person can help. They are you, who were born with a legendary mission to protect justice and bring the world back to the balance it once had.

Fighting adventure game with mischievous puzzles

Playing Guardian Tales, you will be constantly busy. A series of successive quests appear. They act as puzzle pieces, helping you to gradually connect and realize the nature of the problem and the root cause of the chaos in Kanterbury.

Completing each main mission is going through a battle, the scale of the battle may be large or small, but you always need to use your ingenuity and flexibility to overcome obstacles. However, the good thing is, Guardian Tales not only has traditional fighting scenes but also a series of interesting and fun puzzles.

More than 50 unique and colorful chibi characters can show the fun gameplay in Guardian Tales. The context is designed fresh and different from the other games revolving around the content of fighting and invasion. The sound and lighting effects in Guardian Tales are also very modern and comfortable, giving players a new feeling.

You hardly have time to be leisurely here. When the battle wave has not ended yet, a series of puzzles have arrived, fully exploiting the cuteness and funny style of the game. The challenges given from the puzzle are also a bit silly, but thanks to that, the player is no longer burdened with the topic and the battles in the game. You are required to find a way to overcome obstacles, to find a hidden path, or sometimes to find a way to lift a heavy object out of its place…

After a few minutes of fun with adorable puzzles, you’ll be back in your big fight to save the world. Although the colors are cheerful and the characters are witty, the experience of exploring and fighting in the dungeons is also very interesting. Swarms of monsters appear on the road, at the end of each dungeon, there is always a boss waiting. You will use all your combat skills to help the character overcome them. To do this, you will have to gather teammates to upgrade yourself and change powerful weapons. Currently, Guardian Tales has a collection of more than 50 chibi hero characters. Each character has a unique appearance, name, and ability. Along with more than 100 weapons, it is enough for you to show your strategic mind by creating countless different combinations on the battlefield.

Guardian Tales is not as playful as its cute image. The game has no auto mode. Everything is fun but very serious. The entire game is divided into several levels. Each level has many small battles, many enemies, and several bosses, and you can also solve puzzles, and go to find treasures… When you have solved all the things in one level, you will be transferred to the next one. The higher you go, the more intense the difficulty level of the game screen, making you always control and brainstorm to find the best way for you.

Game mode

Guardian Tales gives you many different types of experiences, and each is good in its own way. If you want to enjoy solo, you can follow the plot to find out the truth hidden behind the chaos of the world. This mode has combat and also fun puzzles. For a little extra adrenaline, you can choose to battle a boss in a selection of the game’s tough bosses.

You can also choose PvP, teaming up with 3 heroes to fight against other players’ teams in real-time.

A game where classic and modern meet

Guardian Tales attracts players at first sight by the clever way of combining two things that are difficult to go together. Pixel chibi graphics bring a fun, classic feeling but are not very serious. Meanwhile, the fact that the characters fight each other at a fast pace in real-time is not an easy task. It is easy to think about but difficult to play, looks retro but has a modern and unpredictable personality. The conflict of factors has made every player feel interesting from the start.

Download Guardian Tales APK for Android

It is a lovely nostalgic game with modern real-time gameplay. Not only do you go on adventure and fight, but you also face countless other interesting challenges on the way. It is a game well worth playing if you want to find something that is always new, interesting, and brings positive energy.

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