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My Hero Ultra Impact APK based on the famous anime series of the same name will be a game you cannot ignore if you love the typical turn-based combat genre.

Introducing about My Hero Ultra Impact 

Are you ready to be the leader of the Superhero Academy?


My Hero Ultra Impact follows the lives of students in the Superhero Academy where everyone is a future Superhero. And right from the time they were at the same academy, they clearly showed their personalities and super abilities. Each person chooses their path and together with like-minded friends to mark and rank up in the competitions at the Academy.

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The main character of the game is Deku, a pretty funny superhero in the Academy. The boy doesn’t have any powerful superpowers, but he has a kind disposition, a brave heart, and a spirit that never backs down. He made great friends at the Academy and invited them into his squad. The way he invited them is through the gacha mechanism.

The character comes out of a familiar Manga

The first advantage of My Hero Ultra Impact is probably the feeling of familiarity. When playing the game, you will meet your favorite comic characters again. Everyone has a lively personality and has the same skill sets as the original. The only difference is that the whole thing has become cute chibi shapes. Those who are used to the standard adult figure in the story may be a little hesitant with those shapes at first. But after playing a little, you will understand that thanks to this shaping, every movement in the game becomes smoother and easier to handle. At the same time, the combat experience and entertainment are more exciting.

A series of familiar names will appear in turn, bringing a sense of suspense and the feeling of anticipation all the way. A Deku born without any Quirks is chosen to hold the Quirk One For All. A Bakugou with ostentatious Explosion is capable of powerful attacks but difficult to restrain. A Dabi possessing the fiery blue flame of Endeavor. And an Eraserhead capable of erasing an opponent’s skill…

Each of the heroes and villains has a unique move like that. And these moves are constantly going up, developing with time and combat experience. Combined with the abilities of the other two members, it creates unexpected positions like never before.

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Not only does My Hero Ultra Impact showcase each character’s personality and all of their Quirks through their relationship with protagonist Deku, but the game also allows players to experience each character’s unique storyline. Specifically, each character appears with a personal story and a task. If you complete this task, you will be able to invite that person to your team. But with high-level heroes full of skills, only luck from gacha can have them in the team.


In short, My Hero Ultra Impact is a traditional turn-based combat game. Each team consists of 3 members collected based on the game’s gacha mechanism.

The main combat weapons of the Superhero students are the iconic Quirks of each hero. Each battle that takes place will be a performance/ 3×3 Quirk competition between the future heroes of the Academy.

During the battle, you only need to tap once to activate Quirk – each hero’s special moves. Manipulation is quite easy but mastering Quirks and using them properly is a huge challenge. You need to build skill chains with each hero’s Quirk and simultaneously unleash powerful Plus Ultra moves. Finally, make full use of the QTE feature to launch finishing blows on the monsters.

Players will participate in team battles with 3 characters per team. Each character has its own story, owns a unique attribute system, and has its unique power icon. Win or lose in My Hero Ultra Impact depends on understanding these power attributes. Because only by understanding, you can use them wisely, flexibly and you can combine many items to form an effective strategy to fight the enemy.

Of course, there is no shortage of opportunities to collect rare items. Part of it is to improve and strengthen the superheroes in the team. The rest is to accumulate points for the upcoming lucky Gacha.

By understanding the extraordinary abilities of each member of the team and freely combining these abilities in many ways, players will create for themselves a multitude of different strategies to pass the level and complete the task. Do not stop crushing even strong enemies and proceed to destroy the evil force that threatens Superhero Academy.

Lots of interesting side activities

The main job of My Hero Ultra Impact is to fight for a higher rank in the Superhero Academy, but in addition, players can also enjoy many highly entertaining activities, such as upgrading, decorating the Hero Base common house with a variety of cute furniture (tables, chairs) and learning materials, then turning them into a fun gathering place or a miniature classroom.

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The interesting thing about this “group house” is that heroes and villains can live together. The interaction of these characters also has a lot of interesting things. This is a rather unique form that I first saw in My Hero Ultra Impact.

In addition, before going to battle, you will be trained with the U.A. High teachers and many Pro Heroes at Unforeseen Simulation Joint (USJ).

Graphics and sound

Using sharp 3D graphics, the battles are quite epic and eye-catching. The characters are all cute, short chibi images, but when they attack, they are as strong as any big hero you’ve ever known. Even the Nomu is now much cuter than in the manga. Thanks to that, the game is highly entertaining. You will find your enemies quite cute and want to conquer them quickly.

However, you also have to be prepared to “be happy, not too happy”. Because when it comes to battles, things will be very different. The Quirks show great performance, impressive lighting, and the characters’ moves continuously create hot battles. It can’t be taken for granted you know.

There are also a series of attractive sound effects, taking you from stimulation to excitement, feeling very high.

Download My Hero Ultra Impact APK for Android

My Hero Ultra Impact (Superhero Academy) with full dynamic qualities from characters, images, to game mechanics, combat will bring you hours of comfortable, lively relaxation. It is like the same excitement you had when reading the original manga.

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