RAB has got the ‘Pahari Yoga’ of the new militant group

RAB has demanded to get the contact information of the hill separatists with the new militant organization that was found recently while searching for the missing youths.

After the arrest of five persons including an imam from Comilla on charges of inciting militancy, RAB officials came to a press conference in Dhaka on Monday and said that they have found 55 homeless youths in the last two years due to ‘militancy’.

Revealing a list of 38 of them at a press conference, RAB spokesman Khandaker Al Moin said, “According to the information of those we have detained, these 38 people are supposed to be in the mountainous region so far.”

The hilly areas have never been discussed as a breeding ground for Islamic militancy in the country.

When asked who is sponsoring them in the mountains, Al Moin said, “They are staying there under the umbrella of one or two separatist organizations in the mountains.”

However, reluctance to reveal the names of the mountain organizations, he said, “I have received the names of some mountain organizations, but I am not revealing their names now.”

Noor Khan Liton, executive director of the Law and Arbitration Center, keeps track of extremist activities in the country.

When asked about the link between the militants and the mountain separatists, he told, “I suspect that these things are coming from the same source, but the information is coming to us in different forms.”

According to RAB, this new militant group is being organized under the name of ‘Jamatul Ansar Fil Hindal Sharqiya’. A splinter group of the disbanded Jamaatul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB), Harkatul Jihad al-Islami and (Huji) Ansar al-Islam is trying to form a new party.

RAB spokesman Al Moin said, “We have learned that this organization is conducting various activities including training under the umbrella of some isolated organizations in the mountainous areas. Their details are yet to be known.”

On the question of what kind of training they are being given, he said, “So far, those we have received have been trained to make bombs, have been trained to participate in armed struggle. According to them, more than 50 of their members are trained and operating in remote hilly areas.”

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