The pressure of dengue patients in the hospital, the children are suffering

Before reaching the gate of the dengue ward, the sound of children’s cries could be heard. As soon as they entered, the parents’ faces showed concern.

While moving forward, a child named Abdul Sahal was seen crying. Along with physical weakness, he was moaning in pain. Moshiur Rahman, the father of the child, said, “On the day when there was no electricity in the whole country, many mosquitoes bitten in the heat and darkness.” Dengue since then. I have been hospitalized for 4 days. Worrying doesn’t feel good.”

Along with Sahal, 58 other children with dengue are admitted in two wards of Bangladesh Children’s Hospital and Institute. Muntahar of Agargaon is undergoing treatment there. This third grade student no longer wants to stay in the hospital; Occasionally vomiting, platelets down to 50,000.

Father Ahmed Asif Zia, who has been in the hospital with his daughter for five days, said, “The girl is suffering a lot. There was water in the house of the building under construction next to it, mosquitoes were born and bitten there. This is the situation now. Last year North City saw as many fields as mosquito killers, this time it doesn’t seem like that.”

Three days ago, housewife Raisa Akhter came to this hospital with her two-and-a-half-year-old daughter Suraiya Akhtar from Karail. He said with concern, “The girl’s fever is not falling below 100. doesn’t eat anything crying I don’t even understand the pain.”

Roksana Khatun, the nurse in charge of ward number two of the hospital, said that those who are coming here with dengue, they are not coming in the beginning.

“Initially not knowing whether it was dengue or not, started taking different treatments for fever. As a result, the situation became serious, after which they came to the hospital. Due to which the physical condition is very bad. Most babies need 5-6 days to recover. Some are taking even 10 days.”

Epidemiologist of Bangladesh Children’s Hospital and Institute Dr. ABM Mahfuz Hasan Al Mamun said that 59 children with dengue are currently admitted in their hospital, of which 17 have been admitted in the last 24 hours. There are 5 people in ICU.

“Earlier where 30-40 patients were admitted, now 55-60 are admitted. A ward had to be expanded to handle the increased patient load.”

He said that additional doctors and nurses had to be appointed separately for the observation of dengue-affected children.

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