After 10 years, the education minister hopes for a big change

Education Minister Dipu Moni has expressed hope that if the new curriculum is implemented, there will be major changes in the society after a decade.

He said, “If I can implement the new curriculum completely and correctly, then I will start to see a little change from the next five years.”

The government is calling the new curriculum an initiative to make the learning process more enjoyable through experiential learning, away from reliance on tests and rote memorization.

The Ministry of Education has started the experimental implementation of this curriculum this year. After the step-by-step implementation, students will study a completely new curriculum in 2025.

Reminding that the benefits will not be achieved overnight, Dipu Moni said, “If we do it very well, students will start learning the new curriculum from next year. Thoughts will pass through them to their families, practices will pass. We can expect a big change through this.”

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