5 people arrested including Imam of Koba Mosque in Comilla

RAB has announced the arrest of Imam Habibullah of Koba Mosque in Comilla city on the charge of radical initiation of youth. Recently, his name came into discussion after the disappearance of seven youths from Comilla.

After arresting four of the seven youths, RAB said on Thursday that they had joined a new militant outfit. The name of the organization is ‘Jamatul Ansar Fil Hindal Sharqiya’. The organization is being formed by a group of breakaways from the banned militant outfits JMB and Ansar al-Islam.

Assistant Director of RAB ANM Imran Khan said on Sunday that five people including Habibullah, one of the financial providers of the militant organization, who encouraged young people to leave their homes from Comilla and other parts of the country with the initiation of extremism, have been arrested. Three of them had recently left home. They were arrested from Jatrabari and Keraniganj areas of the capital on Sunday.

Habibullah’s house is in Laipura area of ​​Comilla City Corporation. After studying at Kasemul Uloom Madrasa in Comilla city, he was a teacher there. Later he joined as imam of Koba mosque. He also used to teach in a madrasa in Bazar Bishwaroad area of ​​Padua, Comilla.

According to RAB, Rifat and Hasibul, who went missing from Comilla, were in contact with Imam Habibullah for the past one year. It was Habibullah who initiated them into extremism. Later they left home on August 23. After that, Hasibul and Sabit, who had gone missing from Gopalganj and Dhaka’s Uttara, met with them.

Another young man named Shartaz Islam Niloy of Kalyanpur, Dhaka, who is the companion of seven young people from Comilla, returned home on September 1 after a week of leaving home. Based on the information provided by him, RAB announced the arrest of seven people last Wednesday night after a month-long operation.

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