Ronaldo scored a goal, United swam in the joy of victory

Ronaldo regained his confidence after getting the goal. And United became energized going forward. From the beginning of the second half, they continued to play under pressure. Everton took a counter-attack strategy. However, for a long time no one could create any more chances.

In the 82nd minute, Marcus Rashford made an attack from the left side and beat a defender and a goalkeeper to send the ball into the net. But he was offside.

After that, Everton sat down on United. One attack after another. Four minutes into added time, United had the ball in the box. David De Gea secured three valuable points by keeping out James Garner’s Konakuni shot from the left.

United won four consecutive matches after starting the season with two consecutive losses. Later lost against Manchester City, 6–3. This time the team is back on the road to victory. Ronaldo’s goal is also great for them.

United has reached fifth place with 15 points from five wins in eight matches. Everton is at number 12 with 10 points after one more game.

In another match of the day, Arsenal returned to the top after beating Liverpool 3-2, with 24 points from 9 matches. Manchester City is second with 1 point less in the equal match.

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