More than 150 people including 19 children were killed in protests in Iran

At least 185 people have lost their lives so far in four weeks of anti-government protests across Iran over the death of Masha Amini in police custody, a human rights group said. Among the dead are 19 children.

The protest started on September 17, 22 years old Masha’s funeral. Masha died a day before that. He was in a coma in the hospital for three days before he died.

Masha went to Tehran with her brother from Saqez, a Kurdish-dominated Iranian city. On September 13, she was arrested by Iran’s policy police for not wearing hijab properly.

Masha’s family claims that the police hit Masha on the head with a stick and smashed Masha’s head with their car during the detention. That’s why Masha fainted. He never regained consciousness.

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