Plan to spend $23 billion to reduce climate damage

Adaptation goals

Plans to address the impacts of climate change will build climate resilient nations to achieve a thriving society, biodiversity conservation and sustainable economic growth. Six goals of adaptation have been set for this.

>> Protection from slow and sudden natural disasters caused by climate change.

>> Development of climate resilient agricultural systems to ensure food, nutrition and livelihood security.

>> Building a climate resilient city to preserve the city’s environment and ensure a prosperous civic life.

>> Encouraging environmentally friendly adaptation to conserve forests and biodiversity and improve the quality of life of local communities.

>> Strengthen good governance.

>> Ensuring capacity building and innovative initiatives.

23 adaptation strategies have been identified to meet these six goals. The proper implementation of which will play an important role in achieving the 28 identified results at the national level and actually reducing the risks caused by climate change.

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