Star Cineplex produced four movies in 18 years

The authorities have announced the production of four movies on the 18th anniversary of Star Cineplex, the popular multiplex cinema hall of the country.

Chairman of the company Mahbub Rahman announced this at the SK Tower branch in Mohakhali, Dhaka on Saturday.

He said, “New wind is blowing in Bengali cinema now. We are very happy about it. Our cinema has also woken up. On this auspicious occasion, we would like to announce that we are planning to produce four full-length movies.

“The script is on. I hope I can give you at least three movies in the coming year. Because, we all have to hold this atmosphere of Bengali cinema together.”

Mahbub said, “I remember the year 2018. We were very disappointed then. Because, like us, we were not getting Bengali movies.

“It was from that frustration that I made the movie ‘No Dorai’ and became a huge success. The movie won National Film Awards in six categories.”

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