Govt ‘nightmare’ over elections: Amir Khosrow

Amir Khosru said, “People of Bangladesh have decided, people have taken to the streets. Our trust is in the people. Those who stand in front of these lakhs of people will be washed away, they will be washed away by the tide of people.

“My last words – hit the road, will not return home. The day I return home, I will return home as an independent Bangladesh; If I have to die for that, I will.”

He also said that if BNP comes to power, the initiative of ‘state reform’ will be taken by forming the national government.

Metropolitan North BNP convenor Aman Ullah Aman presided over the rally and member secretary Aminul Haq moderated the rally. Metropolitan South convener Abdus Salam, central leaders Nazim Uddin Alam, Shamsur Rahman Shimul Biswas and Saiful Alam Nibar, Metropolitan South Rafiqul Alam Majnu, Juba Dal’s Sultan Salahuddin Tuku spoke among others. , Monayem Munna and Mamun Hasan, Yasin Ali of Volunteers Party, Hasan Zafir Tuhin of Farmers Party, Helen Zereen Khan of Women Party, Kazi Rawonkul Islam Shravan of Chhatra Party.

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