Chhatra League’s sweeping procession after the ‘milk bath’ of the leader in Kishoreganj

Later in the afternoon in a press conference, the leaders claimed that the committee had not evaluated the long-time burnout, sacrifices and tested leaders and activists of the organization, including the infiltration of workers from BNP-Jamaat. Sabikul Hasan Munna, Saddam Hossain, Nadeem Hossain and Rakibul Hasan Hriday were present at the press conference.

Kishoreganj District Chhatra League president in response to the protest by rejecting the committee. Anwar Hossain Molla said, “After a long time, an excellent committee has been given in Pakundia. Everyone can’t be satisfied any more. That’s why many people are trying to malign the committee by using various means. But everything will be fine in time.”

Meanwhile, Chhatra League leader Armin Ahmed, who declared ‘putting an end to student politics’ after bathing in milk, said, “My selfless student politics for 12 years has not been evaluated.” The one who has become the new president used to be a member of Chhatra Dal, so I cannot do politics with him.

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