TikTok has introduced a new video editing tool in the app

TikTok has announced a new update to the app that includes new video editing tools. As a result, the user can edit various clips, sounds, images and even the text of the video without leaving the app (without using third-party apps).

TikTok announced this new update on Thursday, October 6.

TikTok is now a ‘video editor’

The platform already had a few basic video editing tools, but Thursday’s update improved all of these tools. For example, users can now freeze, cut and separate videos and sounds.

Technology site 925Mac says – “In other words, TikTok is now really a basic video editor.”

Adding and editing text to different clips is easier than ever. Apart from this, it also adds an option to add images and various ‘video overlays’ for ‘picture-in-picture’ convenience.

Other new tools include the ability to adjust video speed, ‘rotate’ or ‘zoom’ various clips and add various sound effects.

TikTok says these new tools will allow users to enjoy “more creative freedom”.

“From carefully edited recipes to tutorials and various daily vlogs, TikTok is made up of many interesting videos by talented storytellers who put their own creative touch into every cut, clip and transition of the video.”

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