The beauty circus is a whirlwind, important one

Humayun Sadhu acted to remember. Militants used to kill people and hang them on trees, Sadhu’s death scene reminds us of that. Sadhur, the Sang or Dhara commentator of the circus, has shown great devotion or love for the great Apa Jaya of the circus. People will not forget Humayun Sadhu after watching this movie. Unfortunately Sadhu could not watch the movie. SM Mohsin also acted well as a freedom fighter. Sadhu and Mohsin are dead. Beauty Circus remembered them separately. ABM Suman has played the role of Jaya’s lover Ranglal well. May his film life be smooth.

Another good aspect of Beauty Circus is its music and photography. In the voice of the ever-famous Sharmin Sultana Sumi, the song ‘Hye Jao Hoe Jao Hoe Jao Bhoar/Sameer Sarksase Kete Jaye Ghor’ is a beautiful song, which has been quite talked about. Other songs of the movie are also worth remembering. Beauty Circus Music Director Pavel Orin (Chirkoot) and Cinematographer Kamrul Islam Shubo. Best wishes to Pavel and Shuva.

Beauty Circus started shooting in 2017 and ended in 2020. Shooting has been done in Naogaon, Savar and Manikganj. The movie released on 23 September 2022 in only 14 screens.

Almost all members of the Lakshmi Narayan circus team performed in the film. In 1971, Lakshmi Narayan, the ringleader of the circus, whose shadow is cast in this character, was killed.

Special Note: Beauty Circus is produced by Mahmoud Didar and Ibn Hasan Khan for Channel I. Director Mahmud Didar felt helpless with the publicity after the release of the movie. Maximum promotion of this movie was essential for Bangladesh. Hope people will come back to see the beauty circus.

Victory to Bengali cinema.

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