Sirajul Islam Chowdhury wants the leadership of Dhaka University

‘Basic and Applied Research Wanted’

Professor Sirajul Islam Chowdhury believes that after many ups and downs, the main responsibility of the Centenary University of Dhaka is to acquire and create knowledge.

He said that the university has crossed one hundred years of its existence. How he will proceed in the coming days is a very relevant question. However, it should continue as a higher education institution. It will require the acquisition and creation of knowledge for distribution.

“Knowledge is created through research. So I want research. Research must be original, of course, as well as useful. And it will be necessary to publish the results of the research. I want publication for that. In fact, if you want to know a university, you have to see what kind and quality of research is being done there, as well as its publications.

Emphasizing not only the publication of new books, but the publication of research-based books, he said that research will also be necessary for writing books. But that research should be published in Bengali language, so that it can reach easily to students and other researchers.

At the same time, the veteran educationist said that there is a need for translation, “We want to bring the knowledge of the world under our control through translation. Translation cannot be done alone; It is always a collective action. To understand the content correctly and to see whether it is being expressed correctly in Bengali language or not. Expert advice is essential for these two difficult tasks, but language skills are essential to make the translation fluent and engaging.”

The cultural life of the university should be changed

Professor Sirajul Islam Chowdhury said that the education and cultural environment of the country is not satisfactory.

He said that the complaint about the weakness of education and cultural environment is not only about Dhaka University, but about all public universities. However, since Dhaka University is the first and main university, Dhaka University should take the lead in environmental development. It is a historic duty for him.

“Another of the challenges ahead will be to invigorate the cultural life in the university. For this, the annual election of students’ council is essential. We want to make the university convocation a regular festival as well.”

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