Sayik and Mohsina got incentives from SM Solaiman

SM Solaiman received incentives from Palakar Saeeq Siddiqui and actress Mohsina Akhtar; And five dramatists have been given the first ever ‘Humanitarian Philanthropy Award’.

Sayik and Mohsina received the award for the year 2020 and 2022, which was introduced by the Theater Art Unit on Friday.

On this day, five actors were given the ‘Manab Tayishi Sammanna’ for their brave role during the coronavirus pandemic, which was given for the first time.

They are Alok Mahmud, Rajat Kanti Gupta, Kamal Ullah Sarkar, Shaheen Ahmed and Sanwar Alam Khan Dulu.

Khandaker Tazmi Noor delivered the SM Solaiman memorial speech at the ceremony of giving away the incentive and honors in the test theater auditorium of the National Theater. Prof. Shafi Ahmed was the main discussant on the occasion and Tariq Anam Khan was the chief guest.

Since 2005, Theater Art Unit has been awarding SM Solaiman Incentive to a talented young theater artist or theater organization every year. However, this is the first time that the ‘Humanitarian Award’ has been given.

Theater Art Unit informed that it was not possible to give SM Solaiman incentive in 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Expressing his feelings after receiving the incentive, Sayik Siddiqui said, “I live with Pala. My wife is here, she also knows that Pala is my second family. I think all those born in this Bengal are from Pala. Because our mothers talk to their children from birth. Put him to sleep. While telling stories, mothers take on different characters. That’s how he becomes palaka.

“A child who grows up listening to stories, also grows up through turns.”

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