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Apple AirPods Pro 2 Vs. Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro

The as of late delivered second-age Apple AirPods Expert are a tremendous move forward from the original AirPods Star, offering further developed commotion scratch-off, better sound quality, battery, and a customized listening experience, among different updates. In any case, are these new highlights sufficient to keep other headphones honest?

AirPods Pro 2 vs Galaxy Buds 2 Pro

To find out, we take a gander at the greatest contrasts between the AirPods Expert 2 and famous opponent headphones, the Samsung World Buds 2 Master. They’re both comparatively valued and share a few highlights, causing them to seem like intense contenders. In any case, right? We’ll find out.

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On the off chance that you love displaying your headphones, you’ll partake in the variety choices you get with the Samsung Cosmic system Buds 2 Ace. You can pick between three shades: Graphite (dark), white, and Bora Purple. The purple ones certainly stick out and look extraordinary, considering most headphones come clearly.

You get no variety choices with the AirPods Master 2, or with any AirPods, really — simply that famous white. Then again, you really do get to tweak your AirPods Star 2 case. You can brighten it with emoticon, initials, or numbers, making it completely remarkable to you. This point is somewhat of a wash, as we would like to think.

To the extent that solace and fit go, The Samsung Universe Buds 2 Master are magnificent, and in our survey of them, Phil Nickinson gave them the gesture over the original Apple AirPods Star, referring to them as “more modest and less prominent” and offering a more cozy fit. The buds won’t slip or tumble off during a sweat-soaked exercise meeting, so they’re great for dynamic clients.

The AirPods Star 2, then again, are unaltered from the first model, with the exception of the expansion of an extra-little ear tip. All things considered, certain individuals aren’t into the stem plan, and keeping in mind that still unbelievably agreeable, we will give this one to the Cosmic system Guds 2 Genius by a nose (or ear, so to speak).

Victor: Samsung System Buds 2 Expert

The greatest objection with the Universe Buds 2 Master comes from the touch controls. They can be all in all too delicate and strangely situated on a lot more modest surface region, so every time you attempt to change the tiny headphones, you risk coincidentally squeezing stop. This can get baffling rapidly.

This isn’t an issue with the AirPods Star 2, which have acquainted new touch controls with change the volume basically by sliding your thumb up or down the stem. This permits you to easily reposition your headphones however many times as you need without agonizing over coincidental stops.

The simple to-utilize, press to-click controls for play/stop, call/reply, and skip/back that were greatly adored from the first-gen AirPods Expert are here in gen-two too, similar to the customization, adding belief to the “in the event that it ain’t bankrupt, don’t fix it” mindset.

Victor: AirPods Master 2

Sound quality

At the $200-in addition to even out, you will get a sensibly extraordinary sounding sets of headphones regardless of which you pick. As indicated by our audits of both the AirPods Genius 2 and Universe Buds 2 Stars, the two of them offer the imperative degrees of astonishing bass and clear mids and highs that will make your music and digital recordings sound perfect.

With the AirPods Genius 2, Apple’s redesigned the past age with extraordinary failure bending drivers and high-dynamic-range intensifiers for a more extravagant and more clear sound that our commentator affirms. In any case, Apple has the opposition beat on the off chance that you’re about that cool, vivid encompass sound component known as head-following spatial sound. Add to that Customized Spatial Sound, another iOS 16 component that modifies that 3D encompass sound to your ear shape, and we’re talking powerful here.

The Samsung System Buds 2 Master likewise offer their adaptation of spatial sound and go to give you what the organization calls Keen 360 Sound, yet we weren’t as dazzled with it in that frame of mind, with Phil Nickinson expressing, “All that sounds excessively handled contrasted with the (original) AirPods Ace.”

Victor: AirPods Expert 2

Noise cancellation and transparency

The AirPods Genius 2 accompany the more remarkable H2 chip that Apple says offers “2x more dynamic commotion abrogation” to all the more likely block the external clamors of regular day to day existence. Likewise with the first-gen AirPods Expert, the AirPods Ace 2 additionally do this incredibly, well — nearly comparable to the eminent Bose QuietComfort Headphones II.

In any case, where they maybe sparkle the most is with their straightforwardness mode (the capacity to tailor how much external sound you need to hear) and another element for the second-gen model that Apple considers Versatile Straightforwardness, in which the tiny headphones continually screen the rest of the world for truly noisy, prominent sounds that they endeavor to channel to more secure, more adequate levels. This component completely dazzled us in our survey, giving the AirPods Ace 2 an advantage over the System Buds 2 Expert.

The Samsung System Buds 2 Star’s commotion abrogation, then again, functions admirably for the vast majority and is an improvement over their ancestor, the Samsung Universe Buds Ace. In our survey of the Buds 2 Master, the ANC and straightforwardness mode were great, however not a huge deal. This one’s an easy decision.

Victor: AirPods Star 2

Battery life 

In the event that you enjoy quite a while with your miniature headphones, you likely need to buy ones with great battery duration for long flights, drives, or marathon watching seasons on Netflix. Neither the first-gen AirPods Ace nor the Samsung World Buds were awesome at offering long runtimes, however the AirPods Expert 2 passage better than the Samsung System Buds 2 Master.

The AirPods Star 2 deal six hours of listening time on a solitary energize and to 30 hours with the charging case. The World Buds 2 Master miss the mark, offering five hours of listening time on a solitary charge, with 18 extra hours in the charging case, for a sum of 23 hours. Not awful, however the AirPods Genius 2 actually win this one.

Champ: AirPods Expert 2


Both headphones are likewise valued, yet the AirPods Genius 2 are marginally pricier at $249, while the Samsung Universe Buds 2 Expert are accessible for $230. The $19 distinction is insignificant on the grounds that you’re getting much better quality and further developed highlights with the AirPods. All things considered, assuming that cost is your greatest element and you’re willing to pause, the Universe Buds 2 Star can be found marked down lovely promptly.

Champ: AirPods Expert 2

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